elizabeth (preppypoo) wrote in fugeeforums,

Please click here to join.
[ Make all posts 'friends' only. ]
Thank you! <3
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Ok so I joined so why can't I get in :S *confused*
I don't really understand the community business! I'm daft I know!
Hmm. I have no clue Lisa. I will go over the settings again. *confused also*
I just reviewed the settings and all members are approved and have posting access. I know sometimes with communities you have to wait a good 24 hours before seeing the posts because it takes the Livejournal databases about that long to recongize you as a member. I am sure you'll be able to see posts/post in alittle! Don't worry though because you are a member and have access to the posts. :]
Dan is here! *waits for things to pick up here*
Hey Dan! Glad to see you join. :]
*looks around and waves*
Hey Matt. :]
okay i joined :D
Ooo I found it :D Hey people :)
Hi everyone, It's Beth :)